Pregnant Cheerleader Virtual Fuck – AnaVictoriaXO

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Pregnant Cheerleader Virtual Fuck - AnaVictoriaXO

Pregnant Cheerleader Virtual Fuck – AnaVictoriaXO

You’re my coach and I so badly want to be on the team this year, even though I am pregnant. I’m used to getting what I want… and this time is no different… It just happens to benefit us both… as long as you keep your end of the deal, I wont tell on you! I convince you to fuck me and give me your huge load in exchange for letting me on the squad. I ride your cock, telling you how much I want your cum, talking dirty to you the entire time til you eventually fill me up with your cum… Here is a little sample of what is in the video: “I want to be on the cheerleading squad coach, yes, I know I’m pregnant! I feel like my belly is getting bigger every day and it’s just going to get rounder over the rest of the season. But can you imagine how hot I’ll look in a cheerleading outfit with my swollen belly pushing out my skirt, these big boobs pushing out my top? You know coach, you really shouldn’t be have sex with students… no matter how sexy or pregnant they are. *giggle*. You could get in so much trouble if someone were to walk in and see us… If I make you cum, I get to make it on the team. Deal? Feels good doesn’t it: your cock rolling around in the swollen belly of a pregnant cheerleader. Maybe next time your baby will be growing in my belly. I bet you’d like that wouldn’t you. To see me in the halls with a round pregnant belly knowing you did that to me. Holy Fuck that was a lot… It’s like you want me get even more pregnant. I’m so full of your cum now I wouldn’t be surprised if I did. There’s enough cum in my belly to get hundreds of girls pregnant Now remember our deal. Otherwise I’m going to tell everyone what you just put inside my belly. If you keep your end of the deal, I’ll let you fill my belly every game day…”

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