Surprise, I’m Pregnant – AnaVictoriaXO

September 26, 2020 0 By admin

Surprise, I'm Pregnant - AnaVictoriaXO

Surprise, I’m Pregnant – AnaVictoriaXO

So, I’m pregnant! And feeling sexier than ever, so of course I wanted to share that with you all 🙂 Wearing a teeny bikini, I tell you all about my pregnancy so far and show off for you the entire time. I measure my tits, my ass, and most importantly my belly! I weigh myself for you and tell you all about this pregnancy and the symptoms I’ve experienced; current cravings, how my body has handled pregnancy so far, what I’m looking forward to VS what I’m nervous about, as well as any complications I have had. I also do a quick lotion up of my boobs and belly for you before I get to the measuring and the weigh in. I also have included pictures showing my growth since first finding out I was pregnant so you can see just how much I’ve grown (spoiler… its a lot, lol)! I will be posting measure and weigh in videos for the rest of my pregnancy so feel free to keep an eye out! This clip was filmed at 20 weeks, my first ever pregnancy video. I am currently a bit further along than this but have filmed and will be posting many more updates as well as some very naughty content through the next few months.

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