Get this baby out of me – MissxFitxAmy

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Get this baby out of me - MissxFitxAmy

Get this baby out of me – MissxFitxAmy

You walk into your room wearing a crop top and panties. Waiting in your room is the student that knocked you up. You tell him that you’re tired of being pregnant. Everything is huge, none of your clothes fit and and you’re uncomfortable all the time. The baby moving inside causes so much discomfort you cant take in anymore. You tell him you have tried everything to go into labor, but nothing is working. All but one thing. Sex. You tell him that is why he’s here. You start to pat your belly as you tell him “You did this to me. You put this baby in me. Now, you are going to get it out of me.” You start to straddle him as you begin stripping out of your clothes. You start riding him faster and harder, telling him “I want this baby out of me”. As time goes on the harder and faster you ride him, desperate to get this baby out of you. After a few minutes you feel a sharp pain in your belly. You tell him you think its working as you start to ride him some more. Then you feel another pain, even stronger than before. It worked, you are not in labor. Excited, you thank him for such a good job as you put your clothes back on to go to the hospital. Suddenly the pain rapidly intensifies. You walk around the room with your hands on your back as you do your breathing. The pain is no too strong, the baby is coming now. You lie on your bed in the birthing position as you start to try and push. Be careful what you wish for, the baby is coming.

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