Hungry teacher – MissxFitxAmy

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Hungry teacher - MissxFitxAmy

Hungry teacher – MissxFitxAmy

You are a teacher who also happens to be a giantess, and I’m the last student you have. Talk a bit about how big you are and about how big your appetite is. This time it’s gotten out of control. Once in a while you would give in and swallow a student or two, even another teacher from time to time. But today you lost control and swallowed every student in the school alive. Talk about how your gut is bulging and stretched out, and how you love the struggles and screams. Your belly is so full you’ll barely be able to fit me inside. Talk about how you tormented every boy and girl with your mouth, throat, and belly before you ate them and what its like for them digesting inside your stomach! You felt a bit guilty but mostly pleasure. Now, digesting your food is your favourite part. In a couple days your stomach will be flat again and you’ll be hungry (and probably looking for a new job haha).

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