Pregnant struggles – MissxFitxAmy

December 9, 2020 0 By admin

Pregnant struggles - MissxFitxAmy

Pregnant struggles – MissxFitxAmy

I’m 6 months pregnant and there are days when I just can’t get comfortable with this belly. Today is one of those days… The baby is kicking so much and it can be quite painful sometimes. Also, my lower back hurts so it’s getting very difficult for me to find a position where I can be comfortable either sitting or laying down. I’m trying to get comfortable on the couch, but the baby is kicking too much and everything is just so painful that I have to stand up and walk around a little bit, hoping that will help. Nothing seems to make it easier for me today, so I end up squatting on the floor while holding on to the dinner table, rubbing my belly and hoping the pain will ease a little bit soon.

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