Pregnant Orgasms & Oilings – Shell Ground – Jae Lynn

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Pregnant Orgasms & Oilings – Shell Ground – Jae Lynn

Pregnant Orgasms & Oilings – Shell Ground – Jae Lynn

Oiling up her big bulging baby bump, Jae Lynn slowly teases you as she shows off her voluminous curves. Slippery slick oil covers up her popped out belly button, moaning in pleasure as the oil drips into each crevasse and curve in her belly. Taking a tape measure, she measures how large her belly is now at 33 weeks, then next she measures her bursting breasts. Getting hot and excited as she rubs her sensitive bump for you, Jae Lynn starts to strip fully and pleasure herself even further. Rubbing her belly button, she works herself up into a toe curling orgasm as her swollen pregnant pussy wets with her sweet juices.

Unable to control her urges any longer, Jae Lynn pulls out a green vibrator to make her sweet pussy cum all over. Rubbing the vibrating toy directly on her sensitive and swollen clit, Jae Lynn moans and rolls her eyes back in her head in ecstasy and shock. She hasn’t played with herself in such a long time that the sensation reaches all the way to her toes, dripping her wet pussy juices all over the toy as she starts to push the head past her welcoming lips. Slowly driving the toy into her pussy, Jae Lynn starts to scream in pleasure as her muscles in her legs and toes start to twitch. Pleasure washing over her entire body, Jae Lynn cums hard as she yells and twitches, juices dripping down the sides of her toy and legs. Slumping over in exhaustion, Jae Lynn finally satisfied herself.

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