Be careful what you wish for – Pregnant Playpen

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Be careful what you wish for - Pregnant Playpen

Be careful what you wish for – Pregnant Playpen

A man constantly asks me out every time that he passes the toll booth I work in. I’m totally not interested and seeing as he can only see me from chest up, he has no idea I am pregnant. In his frustration to make me his, he goes to a gypsy and has her cast a spell to “make me his”. The spell is lost in translation. The gypsy literally screws it up and makes him me. To his surprise overnight he becomes me, pregnant and all.

Waking up, I’m surprised by my longer hair. “What the fuck?” and am startled by my new feminine voice. I grab the hand mirror by the side of the bed to see the face of the woman I’ve been asking out for months as I passed through her toll booth.”Oh ! That fucking gypsy witch got the spell wrong. She was supposed to make this chick mine, not make her me!” I pull the blankets down and reveal my new breasts.”Oh fuck! I have boobs”. As I check them out, I get a pain in my belly, like I’m being kicked. I pull the blanket down “Fuck!!! I’m pregnant!!” It suddenly occurs to me that I’m probably missing an important part of my anatomy. I reach down the front of my underwear to search for my penis. “FUCK ME! I have a vagina!”. By now I’m totally pissed off at the gypsy for screwing up the spell “I’ve got to find that stupid bitch and have her put me back in the right body”.” Got to get dressed! Where’s that outfit I bought for her when I thought that the gypsy would make her love me?” I find the shorts, shirt and hose I bought her, but nothing fits… after struggling to get it on, I give up and take it all off, except the hose while absent mindlessly rubbing my new vagina. Suddenly realizing how horny I’ve become and start to get off on my finger job. As I climax, suddenly I feel a new sensation.

I am in labor. My WATER BREAKS all over the bed as I begin to experience intense contractions and hard labor pain and have to start to push. In so much pain and confusion I feel as if I’m being torn in half as I lay back with my legs spread pushing and moaning in pain…

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