Exposed Belly Obsession – Pregnant Playpen

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Exposed Belly Obsession - Pregnant Playpen

Exposed Belly Obsession – Pregnant Playpen

I find it very strange that you are always the last one here in my class… Seems to me that there must be something about this class… or about me! Wanna know what I think? I think you have a liking for this big pregnant belly. Oh don’t try to deny it! I see how you look at me while I’m teaching the class… How my belly has grown over the past few months… Until it’s as big as it is now… You love watching my belly button poke out, how I can’t keep in under my tops right? You love, watching me outgrow all my tops and my tights. Watching me struggle to pull my tops down and pull my tights up… watching me do stretches and workouts while my tops ride up and my tights keep sliding down my huge belly… Don’t try to deny it!
Well, if you don’t want to admit it, I’m gonna prove it to you!”

I proceed to try on a few extremely small and tight tops, tank tops, and tight leggings, pulling on them up to cover my belly, and then do some standing stretches. I was so sure these tops would fit, but when I do the stretches, I’m completely surprised they keep riding up and sliding down. They keep exposing my belly every time I stretch… “Oh somebody likes what he’s seeing! Look at that! Even my poor little belly button has nowhere to hide!” Laughing, I see you getting harder but trying to resist, so I allow you to stroke for me while I stretch.
Eventually, I see that you are about to blow “See! I told you someone loves this big ol belly!” as I oil up my belly and slap it while counting down for you to unload on my belly…

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