Subhuman – Pregnant Playpen

November 9, 2019 1 By admin

Subhuman - Pregnant Playpen

Subhuman – Pregnant Playpen

It feels…. subhuman… scratching, poking, moving around inside me. It’s gotta be extraterrestrial, they want to get out, they want to break free… My belly inflates and deflates with their movement, they’re taking up so much space inside me I can barely breathe! Feels like they’re clawing at my organs… digging… getting stronger… then… a glimpse of momentary relief when they stop moving – orgasmic relief almost… I’m memorized.

I can’t help but just absorb what’s happening right in front of my eyes. Deflating for a moment, then growing more, each time ballooning bigger and bigger… all of a sudden I feel nauseous and hot – they’re moving and pounding, struggling, fighting to escape… it’s ready! I can feel them, they’re coming! It’s so tight! My belly just expands so huge as they make their way into our world… it’s gonna pop! I can’t possibly stretch any more!!

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