Birthday – Pregnant Playpen

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Birthday - Pregnant Playpen

Birthday – Pregnant Playpen

This afternoon I was fitted with a foley catheter (which is like a balloon that will open my cervix) I was 2cm dialated when the nurse slid it up inside my vagina. Exhauseted from pregnancy, my belly is huge and uncomfortable and laying on my side is the only thing that helps… for a bit… then that becomes uncomfortable so I position the camera between my legs looking up. There’s no space left inside me and breathing has become restricted. Massive baby movements occur bringing on contraction upon contraction.

I slap and tap my belly, lightly poke at it to shift the baby from digging into my organs and coax labor. Reacting to the baby flipping around inside me, I shift my belly from side to side to try and get more comfortable. “It wants out”

… 6 hours later…

In true labor. I’m timing my contractions on my phone – they’re between 7-10 minutes apart. I power through them with gritted teeth. The movement inside my belly is full blown and very prominent. Everyone else in the house is napping. No doubt I’ll be headed to the hospital soon! Time to get this baby out!

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