You got Me – Pregnant Playpen

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You got Me - Pregnant Playpen

You got Me – Pregnant Playpen

Dressed in tiny shorts and a belly shirt, I stagger into the scene rubbing my big belly, moaning and talking about how I ate a whole village of pathetic humans. Poking my belly button, I talk about how I ate so much I’m surprised I didn’t burst. I spot you looking up at me.

Oh! you must be a survivor…how adorable.. I’m too stuffed to eat you but can always save you for dessert. Moaning, I get down on my knees, struggling cause of my heavy belly. I’m surprised to see you have a something in your hand. “What? You’re here to slay me?” laughing. “A pathetic little human? Slay the queen of the giantesses?” “just HOW do you plan to do that? and where?” “Oh in my belly button?” laughing again. “Are you going to throw it? With those pathetic arms?” Leaning in close, licking my lips “Maybe I do have room in my big stuffed belly…for one more little…” WAIT! WHAT? WHERE ARE YOU GOING? suddenly my eyes bug as I let out a gasp.

Falling back on my knees, revealing the “spear” super deep in my belly button. “HOW! and SO DEEP! I’m getting weak! Grunting and moaning, my attempts to get up are futile. I collapse, still trying to get the spear out. Complaining about how weak I have become and how my overstuffed belly is adding to my suffering. I feel as if I’m gonna pop! With a few final groans I’m down. My eyes cross and roll and my tongue hangs “You….got me.. “

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