Indica’s Week 35 Kicks – Shell Ground – Indica Jane

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Indica’s Week 35 Kicks – Shell Ground – Indica Jane

Indica’s Week 35 Kicks – Shell Ground – Indica Jane

Indica spills the tea on her Week 35 belly kicks!

As she describes the sensation of her belly kicking, she mentions how it seems to be hitting every part of her torso, even her ribs. Her pregnant belly is so full and tight, it’s getting too big for comfort. It seems like her belly is eagerly anticipating its time in the world, constantly moving around her.

She can’t help but notice her belly’s unpredictable behavior, causing indigestion and making her feel both jittery and excited about what it will do next. Curiously, she gently rests the pencil on the highest point of her round, pregnant belly, testing its balance. If it doesn’t stay put, it simply indicates the uneven movement within her growing belly.

As she gently shakes her lower belly, the pencil falls onto her unbalanced belly, highlighting its kick from inside. She delicately balances a pencil on the top of her left belly, remaining perfectly still. Her focus is unwavering as she attentively observes any slight movement from her belly, patiently waiting for the pencil to fall eventually. As she places the pencil on the center of her belly, she takes a deep breath and exhales, attempting to find her balance. With her pregnant belly feeling tight and round, she lifts her knees up, causing the pencil to tilt slightly to the right. Indica experiences burps and a gassy sensation in her belly while paying close attention to any subtle movements from her pregnant belly.

Her impending labor and “almost giving birth” pregnancy phase compensate for her impressively large, round, and bloated belly as she eagerly awaits more of those anticipated belly kicks at Week 35.

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